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Interested in becoming a model? chanel 1

Interested in becoming a model?  Click HERE

M o d e l S e a r c h


*ALL submissions are confidential and will not be published or distributed without the prior written consent from prospective models. Please follow all guidelines! Submissions are kept on file for a minimum of six months.
We are currently looking for African-America, Carribean, African, Afro-European, and Afro-South American models. We are seeking the fresh talent to become the next black video superstar. If you think you have what it takes, fill out our online application. A representative will contact you.
Thank you for your interest in becoming a Model with the ChocolateDrop Entertainment. All of the models and staff at ChocolateDrop welcome you to our agency. Like any other company, there are certain criteria that must be met before becoming apart of the team. We are the biggest and best agency for finding you lucrative work in photoshoots, video and magazine layouts. Our clients include the hottest video producers, magazines, and websites. We are selective in who we choose for these exciting, lucrative assignments. You must meet most of the followign criteria:
  1. You must be attractive.....you should have no trouble getting phone numbers when you go out
  2. Models must have some form of contact: cellular phone, pager, home phone, or email address.
  3. Models should be between 18-30 years young.
  4. Models should have some or most of the following qualities: toned body, cute face, hard-core, sexy, well HUNG, nice ass, delicious feet, freaky and thugged out.
  5. Models must be Gay or Bisexual and able to perform
  6. Models must not be video or camera shy and should ready to work in the adult industry.
  7. Models should be available to meet us at one of our locations - Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, Kingston Jamaica or CapeTown South Africa.


What are we looking for? We are looking for Men, age 21 - 38, with great bodies, cocks, and personalities to appear in hardcore videos. We cast Men that are into: hardcore, masculine, bareback or fisting, aggressive, verbal, sweaty, man on man sex. You should be a natural exhibitionist who loves to be watched fucking or getting fucked, has an open an uninhibited sexual attitude, along with a worked out body, a big dick. We work with both HIV Positive and negative models. All applications are considered. So, if you are not sure that you fit what we are looking for, just fill out the application and let us be the judge.
Please fill out ALL sections and the REQUIRED pictures. All models will be interviewed on camera via SKYPE, or in person in NYC.

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Become a model

We are always looking for hot guys to be in our videos for our website and dvds, so if you think you have what it takes go ahead and email us. Please send the following information:
Name, Stage Name(if you have one), Date of Birth, Age,
Telephone number, URL to your website(if you have one), closest major airport, Height, Weight, Sexual position and Cock size. When sending also list any modeling/adult experience that you have had if any. Photos are very important as well! Send full frontal and rear pictures, a close up face shot, and if you are a top include a picture of you soft and hard. We only need tops that are 9" or more, if less please do not send any information. Send all the above information to rawstrokes_models@RawStrokes.com.
Any emails sent without pictures will be deleted. All submissions will only be used for hiring purposes only.


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