четвъртък, 18 август 2016 г.


What are we looking for? We are looking for Men, age 21 - 38, with great bodies, cocks, and personalities to appear in hardcore videos. We cast Men that are into: hardcore, masculine, bareback or fisting, aggressive, verbal, sweaty, man on man sex. You should be a natural exhibitionist who loves to be watched fucking or getting fucked, has an open an uninhibited sexual attitude, along with a worked out body, a big dick. We work with both HIV Positive and negative models. All applications are considered. So, if you are not sure that you fit what we are looking for, just fill out the application and let us be the judge.
Please fill out ALL sections and the REQUIRED pictures. All models will be interviewed on camera via SKYPE, or in person in NYC.

clcik here

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