петък, 10 май 2013 г.


I am a ?????? guy and I look for top hotties,
to drink their cum, French/Germany, HIV+ Sensual.
BAREBACK only witch doesn't mean that i'm looking to take
or give as many load as i can in one night. Pnp, not so much.
unrepentant heretical gay guy with wit, smarts,
fun and enthusiasm - health,
happiness and a strong versatile....and...and get filled with cum :)
I'm a giver & receiver (you can be either or both)
I Have a partner who is mostly top and we play
together or seperately Only faces can tell me what
I need to know..........Good french guy,
sex addict, sensual, looking for a sex partner(s)
in the same mood for pig
sessions. Ask for more, I reply to all.
I Love a guy to take my cum in his ass.....




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